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Pumpkin bread: a Recipe from Alaki

Pumpkin bread Pumpkin bread turns out incredibly fragrant! Crisp and wet sticky bread crumb with the aroma of summer — what could be better?! Ingredients: 1,5 tbsp. flour “Chumak” 0.5 glass flakes “Alayka” 4 cereal 1/3 tbsp. sugar 2 small zucchini sunflower oil “Chumak” sunflower seeds sesame soda, salt and OTHER RECIPES CAN be FOUND ON the WEBSITE: We are in Instagram: We classmates: We on Facebook: us on YouTube: in Facebook: Tel: 8 800 700-19-32 (toll-free in Russia) Email: [email protected] #Kabachkovye #recaptcha #recaptchapublickey #hlebutina #videometadatagenre #Chumak #cereal #flour #Aleiskzernoprodukt Source: Алейка @ Youtube.

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