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#mysterypark #pasteurized #vkusnyatinka dessert Torrijas Today will be recipe Spanish dessert, which is similar to the familiar French toast. Only the toast is not sweet, but torrijas (torrijas) sweet. As you requested, at the end of the post I will write the approximate calorie content and how to make the dish lower in calories. To all, it found approval We will need:- eggs 2 pieces;- milk, ½ Cup;- bread (better bread, we have 5 pieces, about 40 g each) – vegetable oil for frying; honey, 1 tbs.; water, ½ Cup. We got 5 torrijas. Bread is better to take which is not quite soft. If you have it fresh, then you first need to fry to make toast.⏱Cooking time: 15 minutes. 1. Break two eggs and whisk them with a fork;2. In a separate bowl pour milk;3. If you have fresh bread, then fry it in the pan; if not — do not fry;4. Dip bread in milk, then in egg and fry it slightly in a pan with oil, about 15 seconds per side;5. Next, again dip the bread in egg again and fry it in a pan, for about 20 seconds on each side;6. When all the bread was fried, then put it in the container;7. Take ½ Cup of water, add honey and stir;8. Future torrijas pour the water and honey and cover with a lid, it is advisable to leave them for a couple of hours in the fridge. Delicious torrijas ready. The Spaniards usually eat them as a dessert, but I think that for Breakfast they are also very tasty.To subscribe to the channel to not miss new recipes!A simple and hearty summer salad Spanish donuts White sangria Classic sangria Lunch in five minutes Stunned the Spanish Breakfast Spanish churros Tags: recipe, on the pan, simple recipe, delicious recipe, toasts, what to cook, what to cook for Breakfast, what to cook the kids, recipe for kids, fast Breakfast, Breakfast in five minutes, in haste, for the whole family, a sweet Breakfast, dessert for five minutes, quick dessert, easy dessert, Breakfast recipe, dessert recipe Source: Сеньора Тати @ Youtube.

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