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Quick Cake tastes like Ice cream Spaghetti/ without baking

all privatehome I want to show you my recipe for a super delicious Cake sa flavor Ice cream Spaghetti . This Cake doesn’t even need to bake and he is very quick to prepare.The custard needed in the ingredients.Custard LinK: Amount of custard(pudding) Cake identical to the pudding from exile.Try this Cake , although you also need to prepare the custard for the Cake , the preparation is very fast, and custard cream makes the Cake taste indescribably delicious.Here are the ingredients for the custard:1 egg желток45 g of corn крахмала500 ml of cold молока70 g saharat 1-1/2 teaspoon vanilla abstractinheritance of cream Biscuit Палочки200 ml monocaprin (see Above)80 g сахара250 творога250 g g g маскарпоне400 whipped сливок11 teaspoons of thickener in the Juice of half limoniidae for the strawberry glaze:450 grams клубники1 tablespoon lemon сока40 g of corn крахмала50 g sugar podrywu also need:white chocolately you a wonderful weekend: Dtotal hersegovina Source: Galina Backt @ Youtube.

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