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Quick CHICKEN CUTLETS recipe cutlets with stuffing

CHICKEN CUTLET. Quick recipe cutlets with stuffing.Recipe of tasty cutlets.How to cook burgers?Juicy homemade burgers can be cooked from chicken or from chicken Breasts (chicken breast).Recipe of cutlets is very simple. This is a quick recipe meatballs with stuffing.Chicken cutlets from minced meat (minced chicken croquettes) -this is a simple recipe of cutlets.Prepare the chicken cutlets in the pan, until cooked and brought the burgers in the oven. As a result, get a delicious chicken cutlets with cheese and tomatoes. Optionally, you can prepare the chicken cutlets with cheese, or chicken meatballs with tomato.Try to cook juicy chicken cutlets! This is a quick recipe and a simple recipe chopped chicken cutlets.–RECIPE-Chicken breast – 400грЯйцо – 1штХлеб (stale)- 100грЛук onion – 1штЧеснок – 1-2зубкаСоль, black pepper – to taste Flour for pyrokineticist oil for frying.To make the filling.Tomato – 2штСыр – 100грПРИЯТНОГО APPETITE!THANKS FOR WATCHING!LINKS TO OTHER VIDEOS:CUCUMBER SALAD WITH CHEESE. Simple quick and easy salad. APPETIZER OF TOMATOES. The tomatoes and cheese. FRIED CUCUMBERS. Appetizer of cucumbers. RECIPES VEGETABLE SALADS:Vegetable salad EASY.(1 RECIPE) Vegetable salad WITH EGGPLANT. (2 RECIPE) Vegetable salad “ASIAN.’ ICE CREAM RECIPES. Banana and yoghurt ice cream. Chocolate peanut ice cream . “Exotic” ice cream with pistachios. COOKING channel COLLECTION If You liked, put LIKE!Subscribe to the channel!THERE IS A LOT MORE! Source: КУЛИНАРНАЯ КОЛЛЕКЦИЯ @ Youtube.

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