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Quick recipe for the lazy, everything in the oven and you’re done! Quick lunch, quick dinner!

#bistrigiceps #bystrye #bystryanskaya is a quick recipe for the lazy. Everything is cut, everything in the oven and very tasty! Recipe from rice. Very simple. I made it up when we needed something quick and tasty to cook, and stand in the kitchen did not want to. This is a great option for a quick lunch and quick dinner. Save!Cooking time: 25 minutes. We need:- rice; red peppers; green peppers;- water;- pepper;- curry;- onion;- salt.Described quick recipe for a lazy look at the website www.senoratati.comПодписывайся per channel not to miss new recipes!A simple and hearty summer salad Spanish donuts White sangria Classic sangria Lunch in five minutes Stunned the Spanish Breakfast Spanish churros Source: Сеньора Тати @ Youtube.

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