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Raw onion bread – REALLY DELICIOUS!!!

RAW ONION BREAD – the BEST RECIPE!A simple recipe – lots of use!Nourishes You with vitamins, and enjoy new unforgettable taste!Ingredients: Onions – 2.5 kg (it is advisable to take a white onion)peeled sunflower Seeds – 0.5 kg;flax Seeds – 0,5 kg;sunflower Oil sertaline – 100 grams;Soy sauce raw pressed – 100 grams;Lemon juice – 100 gram, Onion puree them in a food processor and marinade for an hour in lemon juice;sunflower Seeds soaked in water for an hour, then puree them in a food processor;grind flax Seeds in a coffee grinder;All ingredients mix and spread on dehydrator sheets in layers of thickness up to 1 cm. Dried in a dehydrator at a temperature of 35 ℃ for 18 hours;after About 6 hours drying is required the leaves to turn bread and cut;in the absence of a dehydrator, or dryer, you can dry in the oven at the minimum temperature mode (extreme version!).Bon appetit! Source: Анна Бонд @ Youtube.

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