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Real Italian pizza at home!

Though my channel about Greek cuisine, sometimes I like to experiment with recipes from other countries. For this recipe of this delicious pizza and I got on the channel. Cook it very simply and I’m sure you’ll make a perfect italienska pizza!Ingredients:Shiver 4гВода 125гСахар 1H.l.Flour regular corn 150гМука 150гМанка 50гСоль 1H.l.Olive oil 1.5 tbsp All steps are shown in detail in the video hi! My name is Christina and I will reveal to you the secrets of Greek cuisine. On this channel I will upload detailed recipes easy and more difficult Greek, and not only food. With my channel you will be able to feel a piece of Greece where ever you are :)SUBSCRIBE TO MY INSTAGRAM: Source: KristalWay @ Youtube.

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