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Recipe baking bread with added whole wheat flour

Bread is one of the most common food. Almost each country has its own national recipes of his baking. Being a staple food for many people, bread is presented as a symbol of labor and the source of life. The bread also has a big role in religion. In the prayer “our father” has the words: “our daily Bread give us this day”. It is considered blasphemy to throw bread in the garbage or on the ground. Ingredients to prepare:1. wholegrain wheat flour 70 gr2. flour wheat of 2nd grade 180 гр3. rye flour 200 гр4 salt 1 teaspoon ложка5. sugar 2 teaspoons ложки6. dry yeast 1 teaspoon with a slide or 10 g прессованных7. water 450-500 гр8. sunflower oil for greasing baking dish Source: Оксана Рубашкина :: Меню на завтра @ Youtube.

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