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RECIPE bowl with quinoa and tofu.

I made a portion for two.⠀Recipe:-1 small zucchini (fried it with garlic and salt)-3 small cucumber-1 medium tomato-red onion (a little for taste)-Quinoa 1/2 Cup (cooked without salt)-150 g tofu (fried)-100 g mushrooms (fried with tofu together)-sundried tomatoes-green⠀Dressing:-tahini (sesame paste)-water-lemon juice-garlic-whisper of salt⠀Refueling was done on the eyes, to taste.⠀You can add everything you love or everything you have at home.If you want to know a little more about me:Instagram Thank you for watching and subscription! Don’t forget to like and throw the video to all your friends so that they too can prepare this dish. Love! Source: Gulya Life @ Youtube.

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