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Recipe! Cereal cookies | no EGG, NO GLUTEN | #109

a Very tasty cookie. Based on almond flour and butter, and cereals – linseed grain and poppy. Fillers can be changed.Make sure to prepare!Ingredients:120 g butter melastatin sugar (110 g.) a Pinch соли3 tbsp flax зерен2 tbsp unground мака2,5 tbsp. almond flour*If the dough crumbles, add a little Bodine forget to subscribe, comment, likes and shares this video.Press the bell!!Thanks to all who have already done it :)#AnaProfee #cookies #cereal #mindalnaya #bezais #besmoke #Podomashnemu #tasty #fast #of prostituteshate: Recipes: Hairstyles: SERIOUS TOPIC: Souvenirs from…: Lessons: Conversations and vlogs: Source: Ana Profee @ Youtube.

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