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Recipe for Cheesecake “OREO”

Waiting for your likes and comments!For the preparation you will need:For the base:OREO Cookies — 12 stluke 33% — 20-35 gdla the filling:Gelatin — 10 Sahar — 150 Slivki 33% — 50 aromatizator vanilla — 10 Slivki 33% — 250 tvorozhno cream cheese has 440 pechenie OREO — 14 stachula to reveal 12 Oreo cookies, the filling is folded separately( which we will add to our Cheesecake). Cookies grind in a blender. Add 30g of cream and stir. The form of 16 cm lay parchment paper on the bottom to put the resulting basis of cookies. Uberall billet in the freezer. Enter the gelatin into cold water(60ml), and leave for 20 minutes. Gelatin should swell and absorb all the moisture.In a saucepan pour the heavy cream 50g and add 150 g of sugar, put on medium heat and wait until sugar is dissolved. After, add the swollen gelatin and mix.250g cream pour into a tall glass, they add a flavor vanilla. Whip the cream until soft peaks confident.Mix cottage cheese and cream cheese (440g) – stuffed Oreo. Pour the cheese cream, sugar and gelatin from the pan.Mix the mass until smooth with a mixer.Coarsely chopped Oreo (14pcs) and add to cottage cheese. Mix cottage cheese with cream.The resulting cheesecake filling to pour into the form. Leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning a delicious cake will be ready.Waiting for Your likes! I tried very hard! Source: Milana Like @ Youtube.

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