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Recipe Greek salad at home

FOLLOW us ON INSTAGRAM: Recipe Greek salad at home recently like a Greek salad. The Greeks themselves call it village salad. Fresh vegetables combined with the salty cheese and olives make it taste unique. And it is prepared in just 5 minutes. The main thing – to apply it immediately after cutting vegetables before they let the juice. ⠀▪This feta cheese 100 grams▪this 1/2 Onion (preferably red)▪this Bulgarian red pepper 1▪this Cucumber 1▪This Tomato 1-2 PCs▪app black Olives, pitted 15 PCs▪this is Olive oil 3 tbsp▪this Italian herb⠀1️⃣Onion cut into thin half-rings. Bell pepper – medium pieces. Cucumber -large washer. Tomatoes in large slices. Feta cheese into squares/rectangles.⠀2️⃣in a bowl, combine the vegetables, season with olive oil. Do not add salt because the cheese is already quite salty.⠀3️⃣Portion put the salad on plates,sprinkle olives and cheese, sprinkle a pinch of dried herbs. Optionally drizzle with lemon juice.⠀✅Ready⠀♥app please Rate from 0-10 recipe in the comments Source: Простые рецепты omnomnom @ Youtube.

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