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Good evening my dear❤great game and here is the long awaited recipe thin Chuguchak with cheese From the Avars call them “has Botical” and they should be very stretchy filling.Made them for the first time, I think it turned out well As you think? We have them usually sprinkled with oatmeal. Who they turn out perfect? Write in the comments bowl secrets And by the way, each nation of the Caucasus preparing similar of coducci and each are called differently. And as they call you? Ingredients for the dough:Flour – 600g.Etc. Oil – 100ml.Salt – 1 tsp Water – 250 ml Filling:Cheese – 700 grams. Butter – 100 gr. Salt – 1 tsp Soda – 1H.l.Sift flour, add salt, oil and a good grind. Then pour a glass of water and knead soft, elastic dough. Cover with cling film and leave to rest for 15 minutes. Then the second time knead the dough until smooth. Proportions of dough to 8 pieces.Let’s prepare the filling. The cheese should be dry and free of serum. It is advisable to place in cheesecloth and leave to drain. Carefully RUB through a sieve, on a grater or shredder. The cheese should be dry and crumble like sand through fingers. Add salt, soda. Grate using a grater butter. The stuffing is ready!Divide the dough into 8 pieces, form balls about 100-110g. In the same way formed balls of filling. Some 120-130gr. it turns out. Dark roll out the dough, put the filling and zaplatim the video. Allow to stand for 5-10 minutes and roll out.Fry in a dry pan on each side. When the fry on the one hand, carefully turned, made a hole with a knife and watch as the cheese boils and dissolves. The hole must be done immediately, otherwise the stuffing will come out from the sides. Ready tudeski grease with butter. Bon appetit!Zaremba Saipudinov (@recepti_zaremka) my name is Zarema 23 and live in Makhachkala Love cooking and baking Share recipes personal cooking Zaremba Saipudinov, recepti_zaremka, delicious, nice, friendly, oblomoff, recipes, recipes, meat, food, recipes, recipe pork, recipe beef, recipe barbecue, barbeque, grilling, recipe at the stake, recipes, food, cooking, wok, in the oven, salad recipe, recipe meat, recipe smoked, kitchen, tasty, delicious food, recipes, homemade, home cooking, your recipes, personal recipes of cooking oven, baking, simple recipes, easy recipes, recipes, homemade, food blogger, food court, food, fast food, instagram, youtube, Source: Заремка Сайпудинова @ Youtube.

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