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Good evening my dear❤this is How the day off? Today I to you with videorecipes cheese patties is a Very tasty alternative to bread and a great option for Breakfast. Prepared quickly, it turns out very tasty and satisfying! Do you like this idea? Rather save videos to bookmarks Curd cheese Lepeshkina – 2pcs.Salt – 0.5 tsp Soda – 0.5 tsp Sugar – 1 tsp Olive oil – 1 tbsp Cheese – 180 gr.Flour how much.Cheese – 200 gr.Mix in a bowl the eggs, salt, sugar, baking powder, curd until smooth. I did it with blender. Then add to taste pepper, finely chopped green onions and flour. Divide the dough into 4 pieces, being caked in balls. Cheese for the filling grate. Each ball roll out into the reservoir, in the middle put cheese and samasem region. Roll out into a pancake and sent to the pan sprinkle it with oil. Bake on low heat on each side under the hood. Ready-made cakes grease with butter. Bon appetit!Zaremba Saipudinov (@recepti_zaremka) my name is Zarema 23 and live in Makhachkala Love cooking and baking Share recipes personal cooking Zaremba Saipudinov, recepti_zaremka, delicious, nice, friendly, oblomoff, recipes, recipes, meat, food, recipes, recipe pork, recipe beef, recipe barbecue, barbeque, grilling, recipe at the stake, recipes, food, cooking, wok, in the oven, salad recipe, recipe meat, recipe smoked, kitchen, tasty, delicious food, recipes, homemade, home cooking, your recipes, personal recipes of cooking oven, baking, simple recipes, easy recipes, recipes, homemade, food blogger, food court, food, fast food, instagram, youtube, Source: Заремка Сайпудинова @ Youtube.

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