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Recipe keto bread

Bake keto bread? Nonsense. The main thing – to have a coconut flour. I must say, the taste is not like a loaf “threaded” but the main advantage of any bread that taste of it depends on what it is. Keto bread is perfect for tea with bread and butter, or sausage (come on, sometimes because you can).Ingredients 1/2 Cup coconut flour Pinch salt Pinch baking powder 6 eggs (preferably room temperature) 1/2 Cup of coconut oil with a smell or without (or 1/4 Cup coconut and butter oil)Инструкция1. Mix in a small bowl the flour with salt and разрыхлителем2. In a bigger bowl break 6 eggs and mix thoroughly, pour in the egg mixture to the warm melted butter (not hot, otherwise the eggs cook). Do not have to use exclusively coconut oil: we use 1/4 Cup of coconut and the same creamy. Still live in Russia, and not in every store coconut oil for sale, have to save.3. To mass with the egg and oil fill pre-prepared dry mixture of flour, salt and baking powder. Here it is necessary to work hard and give everything a good stir to avoid lumps. Note – if the eggs were cold, it can form lumps of coconut oil, as it hardens very quickly. But this is nothing serious, if it enters the oven all instantly melted.4. Pour the resulting mass in the form (in a muffin tin) and bake in a preheated oven (180° C) for about 50 minutes.5. Readiness check with a toothpick. When you remove the toothpick, it needs to stay dry.More recipes at LOCARB.ORG! Recipes – that-eat-on-katogi… How to start a keto diet-how-take-on-katog… Why YOU ketogenic diet – why/ Myths about keto-diet – ketogenic-diet-in… About the author – Source: @ Youtube.

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