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Recipe of beef goulash

Goulash is a Hungarian national dish. Is made from slices of beef or veal. The dish belongs to the category of thick soups. Goulash can be served with any side dish – pasta, rice, buckwheat, mashed potatoes the Ingredients of the recipe:1. beef 800 gr2. onion 4 PCs 3. carrots 1 шт4. tomato juice 1 стакан5. salt вкусу6. sugar 0.5 teaspoons ложки7. water 800 гр8. Bay leaf 1-2 шт9. ground black pepper вкусу10. allspice 3 горошины11. sunflower oil 3-4 tbsp. ложки12. flour 1-2 tbsp. Source: Оксана Рубашкина :: Меню на завтра @ Youtube.

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