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scrambled Eggs… in Tomice!? • Yes, you read that right have this Tomika is so versatile and capable it is! Use Tomilko DUET so to make 2 servings of scrambled eggs we will need: Eggs – 5 PCs; Tomatoes – 1 piece; cheese – 100 g; Fresh herbs – 1 bunch; vegetable Oil – 1 tbsp ; Salt, pepper – to taste.•Tomato wash and cut into plates Tomiki a Baking sheet greased with oil.Break the eggs, placed on top of the tomatoes, then send Then grated cheese – salt and pepper Set Tomilko on the coals or the stove for 10 minutes. Get creative with baby airlines scrambled eggs ready. Before serving, garnish it with chopped greens. Bon appetit! Source: Печь на углях Томилка @ Youtube.

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