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Recipes fast FOOD for healthy eating! [DIET]

nowadays, fast food is an integral part of the supply.Fast food is not only cheaper than many budget meals in restaurants, but it helps to save time. But we all know that fast food contains high amount of harmful substances.However, according to dietitian Centre aesthetic beauty Elena Solomatina, fast food fans need not lose heart. Even fast food can be healthy if made from quality ingredients at home.For example, the doctor recommends instead of the usual sesame hamburger buns, use whole wheat bread instead of meatballs, boiled fowl, and cheese use fat-free. Also to this dish you can add vegetables and herbs that only doubles his favor.Instead of soft drinks it is better to use fresh juices, and desserts to replace on children’s smoothies, which contain large amounts of proteins and minerals.The nutritionist believes that, if you replace harmful products for useful, it will not take much time or money, but this habit will help to maintain health.Don’t forget to visit Here we have a lot more information about how to stay healthy and not get sick Source: medpulse @ Youtube.

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