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Recipes for simple food // Buckwheat // POACHED EGG // Easy Breakfast // the Conversation with his father

How to cook simple, but tasty? Guys I have an idea!!! Yes, the nose is not March 8, but the attention to our mothers, grandmothers, girls should be given always. So I decided to start a new section with recipes of simple meals that I make myself and you can just repeat and surprise their loved ones.Today I will share a small secret with simple meals – buckwheat porridge with poached egg . . . lite.Why lite because classic version of poached eggs once more zamorochit, I suggest doing a little easier . . . look and see CAC.————————————————————————————————–We: Group in VK: : Look, put huskies, comment. To subscribe to the channel, put the bells and don’t miss new video.————————————————————————————————–#buckwheat #porridge #egg #Breakfast #gotoitem #casaprota #Sutra #nazavtra #kakuritsu #grechnevaya #campigotto #recipe Source: Разговор с отцом @ Youtube.

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