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Refreshing Turkish Salad ✧ Cold Appetizer for any Occasion

Refreshing Turkish Salad ✧ Cold Appetizer for any Sucharetza refreshing cucumber salad want to offer You today…Ingredients:400 g Огурцы50 g Укроп15 g Leaves мяты250 g Сметана10 g Chesnoka to taste Cayenne to taste sharp Perico Соль1 tsp Сахар1 tsp Olive масло70 g Onions лукIngredients: 400 g Cucumbers 50 g Dill 15 g mint Leaves 250 g sour Cream 10 g Garlic To taste chilli Pepper Salt to taste 1 teaspoon Sugar 1 teaspoon Olive oil 70 g Apapsyche for winter – Appetizers part 1 Appetizers, part 2 – Snacks part 3 – Snacks for winter – ON THIS PAGE ALL the SECTIONS of OUR CHANNEL – I Instagram – financial assistance IN the DEVELOPMENT CHANNEL – #obviousily #trackist #salatiga #pikantnyy #zakuskas #edwar #letniego #Gruzinskaya Source: Грузинская Кухня от Софии @ Youtube.

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