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Rice Kimchi Bacon or Delicious Recipe of Asian Cuisine

Fried rice with kimchi and bacon in 20 minutes Put a little Asian in my life , because it’s so delicious ⠀⠀ Ingredients : Bacon 200 g Boiled rice Kimchi cabbage 300g 250-300g (if they stay under the juice from kimchi , then add according to your taste in the rice ) Sesame oil 2 tbsp Salt⠀ Method of preparation Boil the rice until tender , finely chop the bacon and kimchi. Fry the bacon 1.5 minutes , then add the cabbage kimchi and stir-fry for 2 minutes . Add boiled rice and stir . Pour the remaining juice from kimchi by themselves under adjust sharpness (if nothing terrible ) , add sesame oil and salt to taste and mix well . And fry for another 2 minutes .⠀ How do you like this recipe ? Enjoy spicy food ?) The most convenient , the fact that the sharpness can be regulated by ⠀Solicite this video to see all the yummy ❤I⠀have a nice appetite ⠀#lunch#dinner#boiled Source: Вскипело @ Youtube.

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