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Rice salad for the winter

my Dear friends,at the request of my subscribers,catch the recipe rice salad for the winter. I prepared this salad for 20 years,very tasty and satisfying. Especially for children students or as guests ,and he’s just ,by the way. So there you go. Take carrots 1 kg cut into strips ,fry in vegetable oil. 1 kg onion cut ,fry separately and can be mixed with carrots. Then, 1 kg of sweet pepper cut into strips and fry separately, too. 2 lbs. tomatoes them through a meat grinder. 200 gr.rice cook until soft. In a well-heated cauldron or saucepan, pour 200-300 gr.oil+ twisted tomatoes ,after boiling add the remaining ingredients + 3 tablespoons of salt. On a slow heat for 20 minutes.extinguished. Hot roll up into sterilized jars. By the way,I don’t add vinegar.But the iron cover is always smeared with vinegar. Do you think it is enough or still need to add vinegar to the salad ? It turned out I had 4 HP who has salad recipes,please share.I would be very glad if you like my salad.#Vikulovskaya #SvaikulovaBalkumys #salaminioi Source: Балкумыс Свайкулова @ Youtube.

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