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Roasted EGGPLANT with Garlic | caponata of Eggplant (Grilled Blue)

#eggplant#of receptacles#of copyrightoffice#arenablast hi!Today I want to offer you to cook the most delicious snack that can exist in this world. I cook it for 15 years already and every time she flies away from the table literally in the first couple of minutes. This appetizer recipe is made of fried eggplant with a stunningly tangy and tasty dressing. Impossible to cook simply and quickly, the most important thing is to give some time to the eggplant to soak in the dressing.INGREDIENTS:3-4 medium balaenopteridae oil (with fried eggplant)FILLING:100 ml воды2-3 tablespoons уксуса1 teaspoon сахара1,5 – 2 tea spoon walnuts chopped soligorski orehovec укроп6-7 cloves chesnochnaya FROM THIS VIDEO:Music by Animus Volt – Follow My Melody – Thank you for your your fingers up, thanks for your comments! Thanks for your views!It stimulates me to new challenges and to release new, simple, quick and delicious recipes. Sincerely and always Your Food Good)))____________________________________________________________________HOW CAN people FIND ME? IT IS VERY EASY!❤ON!!!INSTAGRAM : My nick in Instagram: foodgoodchef❤this e-mail: [email protected]❤amazing game I Vkontakte: ❤ This is My public in VK: ❤this is My culinary blog: I recommend you to watch my other videos, since you came to visit me)))✅Cake Smetannikov. The recipe is a delicious cake with sour cream ✅ Thai Tom Yam soup in 15 minutes ✅ Tender pork ribs in the oven ✅ Caesar. Caesar salad with chicken ✅ the Perfect berry pie. Pie with berries ✅ mouth-watering NAPOLEON cake ✅HONEY Cake for 30 minutes and here begins the crazy)))attaack:fried eggplant with garlic,fried eggplant,eggplant,eggplant with garlic,recipes eggplant,recipes eggplant,recipes with eggplant,roast,cook eggplant,roasted eggplant how to cook eggplant,how to cook fried eggplant,caponata of eggplant,appetizer,garlic,eggplant delicious,simple recipe eggplant fried eggplant recipe cooking eggplant,blue,blue roasted,blue garlic Source: Food Good @ Youtube.

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