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Rocket taxis PASTA or PASTA rucola rule [ Recipe 100% Italy ]

#food #tasty #quick #pasta #Italiana imagines that currently Rocket to rukovodit by the PASTA.Took the place of Basil in pesto sauce and I got sauce RUKOPISA.Recipe in principle, traditional, in addition to the pair of arugula and salmon.Away we go… come on details..Receptek prigotovitsya Macaroni of paralell make a sauce of arugula, grated cheese and butter with a mixer oliocapitale.When the pasta is ready, add them to the sauce in the pan and stir together with the sauce.Spread on a plate and decorate with the smoked salmon and mozzarella cheese,and get unreal dish with rulesto taste a little bitter, offset by a delicate taste of salmon and mozzarella dish suitable for lunch and dinner, well, somebody fashionable and out for Breakfast.But in GENERAL PASTA FOR ITALIANS IS LIKE POTATOES FOR RUSSIAN.Now that you know how tasty and quick to prepare great blades You always Your Italy on the wire. Source: ЧАО МАКАРОНИ @ Youtube.

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