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Royal cheesecake with plums. Delicious and healthy dessert

FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: Royal cheesecake with plums. Delicious and healthy dessert Looked yesterday at the mountain of plums on the table and decided that it is urgent to get rid of it. The Foundation took the recipe of the Royal tarts. Plum gives an interesting sour taste, combined with sweet cheese is a great option. But do not take more plum, otherwise the juice will be too much.☝ on!!!⠀ For the dough:▪this Flour 320 g▪this Sugar 100g▪this baking Powder 1 tsp▪this butter 150 g⠀ For the filling:▪this Cheese 450 g▪this Eggs 2▪Lot Sugar 70 g▪this Vanilla 1/2 tsp▪this is the Plum 5-7 PCs⠀1️⃣Sifted flour, mix with sugar, baking powder. Add the butter at room temperature and quickly grind it with the flour mixture with your hands until the state crumbs.⠀2️⃣Cheese punching blender until a creamy texture.⠀3️⃣beat Eggs with sugar and vanilla. Gently mix with cottage cheese.⠀4️⃣On the bottom of a split form to lay a parchment paper. Pour most of the resulting crumbs, compacted into a dense cake with sides. Fill the crust with the cheese mass, put the halves of plums, pitted. To fill all the remnants of the crumbs.⠀5️⃣Bake at 180 degrees for 45-50 minutes until it will turn brown.⠀*this⃣To give the cake to cool and stabilize, to get out of shape and eat with tea.⠀♥I Please rate from 0-10 recipe in the comments Source: Простые рецепты omnomnom @ Youtube.

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