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Rye sourdough bread with the mixer Kitfort KT-1338 in a slow cooker

a Simplified recipe rustic Rye bread (Borodinsky Ala) in the yeast. Very full-bodied, spicy taste. This is my favorite recipe for unleavened bread, to which I came in the process for many experiments.In the kneading sticky rye dough helps a planetary mixer. Hands aren’t even dirty! The link below the recipe.******************************************РЕЦЕПТОПАРА1 step:40 gr. Rye закваски40 gr. Water clean, not кипяченой40 gr. Rye makewidget to 12 hours2 stage:120 gr. Opara (stage 1)120 gr. Воды120 gr. Flour (rye 70, 50 alnaser. wheat)to Withstand часовЗАВАРКА2 4-8 tbsp Sugar коричневого1 Соли2 tbsp tbsp tbsp сусла1 Leavened Rye солода1 tsp Coriander молотого1 tsp Cardamom молотого0,5 tsp. ground Ginger (optional)300 ml. КипяткаТЕСТО360 gr. Опары360 ml. Welding (not hot!)250 gr. Rye муки20 gr. Flour to powder the dough and чаши5 gr. Butter on the bowl of the slow cooker.******************************************Planetary mixer #Kitfort KT-1338 Source: Ksenia Lapaeva @ Youtube.

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