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Sabji Recipe Indian Vegetable Stew in Cream

✓Sabji is one of the traditional national dishes of India. This dish can be prepared for lunch or dinner, it is perfect as a recipe for a diet menu and at the same time incredibly tasty. ✓In my version of cooking I will use vegetable tofu cheese, which gives the dish more nutritional value and satiety.✓You will need:400 gr. Tofu (fried tofu separately, so as not to fall apart)1 medium eggplant1 medium squash1 medium sized onion, peeled1 medium medium carrot1 tomato1 medium sweet nemoloko 1 pack of oatmeal cream (250 ml.)1 bunch of dill (50 gr.)I also used defrosted cauliflower and broccoli. If you use fresh, it is necessary to pre-boil them for about 5 minutes before roasting.Salt, turmeric, pepper mixture and other spices to taste.✔ 5% discount for You on The iherb website by code ALV9449 : ✔ Instagram: #recipe #vegan #sabji Source: Mikhail Vegan @ Youtube.

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