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Salad of cucumbers and tomatoes || 7 troubles in the cooking process!!!

Preparation of salad of cucumbers and tomatoes and encountered small difficulties in the cooking process!(The video is a good Russian subtitles) SBERBANK: 63 9002 4090 2224 8815 (Donuts to jam to the author)Video shows all the stages of preparation of salad of cucumbers and tomatoes in detail, describes the components of the salad and what you can make substitutions of ingredients. Video shows minor troubles that may occur when cooking :)))And so the salad is easy to prepare and delicious.Bon appetit!———————–Ingredients———————–Cucumbers – 450 grammaire – 600 grammarcop (or other greens) – about 35 grammaires about 6 table. lochloosa or bell pepper – 1 Stokely onion – 1 sztukaterii pepper, alocrom you can substitute other herbs, e.g. parsley, chives, Basil.Mayonnaise can replace sour cream, yogurt, olive or sunflower oil.Dirt, bell pepper and onions can be deleted.—–Based on the recipe resource: Source: Рецепты от Петровича @ Youtube.

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