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Salad of raw pumpkin for harmony and health

Want to lose weight? Just don’t eat these 3 products: Salad with pumpkin, apples, honey and lemon is perfect for an evening snack. The caloric value of only 64 kcal per 100 g BDIM— 1,4 / 2,6 / 9,4. Prepared quickly and it turns out incredibly tasty and useful. Pumpkin contains a huge amount of nutrients, beta-carotene, minerals and vitamins, fiber contributes to easier and quick digestion, and even prevents the formation of fat cells. Try this dish! Sure, it will be one of the favorites!Delicious pumpkin salad: recipe with honey and RescueAgent:600 g pumpkin;2 carrots;4 apples;1 lemon;1 tablespoon honey;3 tablespoons of ground walnuts (you can without);the greens-to taste (can be without).Preparation of salad is very simple — cook for nothing. In addition, the salad with raw pumpkin retains all the vitamins. This is much healthier!Peel and chop the walnuts (you can finely chop or crush with a rolling pin).Grate the pumpkin.Peel and chop the carrots into strips.Cut the apples (with peel or without).Cut the lemon peel and press the juice in a glass bowl. Add to the juice liquid honey and mix well.Put in a bowl all chopped ingredients and add the honey juice. On top sprinkle crushed nuts and herbs.If you lose weight, you can do without the nuts, they are high in calories. Instead of nuts can take pumpkin seeds. The green area is also at your discretion, it is possible without it.Serve pumpkin salad as a separate dish. Goes well with a natural fruit or vegetable juice.Salad of raw pumpkin for harmony and health: Source: Валерия Чипкова @ Youtube.

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