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Salad Recipe Avocado Pits

I apologize in Advance for the sound. Not yet possess. Salad recipe Avocado Pits:the Sauce is done simply and with love!- One clove of garlic – Three tablespoons of the Lodge fish sauce – Three tablespoons of lime juice (you can push, you can take the concentrate. We push)- One tablespoon of sugar (preferably coconut, no coconut – I take the cane, no such any), All grind and mix well to dissolve the sugar. The salad itself is also not difficult!- Thai one ripe Avocado ( 200g flesh)- 50 grams of cherry tomatoes – 50 grams of peeled skin of the cucumber – 50 grams red onion (or white)- 20 grams of culantro (or cilantro with the celery) Then we mix it all together! And allow to stand for three minutes. Surprise yourself, friends, guests! Source: Тайский Магазинчик Сиамстор @ Youtube.

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