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Salad Russian beauty. Tender and incredibly juicy salad!

Salad Russian beauty is a godsend! Everyone has a favorite salads and this if You haven’t tried, it’s time to prepare it and to fall in love! The perfect combination of products will not leave anyone indifferent!Ingredients:chicken Fillet – 1 PC. Potatoes – 2 PCs Carrot – 1 piece Onion – 1 piece marinated Mushrooms – 150 g Cheese – 150 g Minisoda (for marinade) – 50 g Vinegar 9% (for marinade) – 50 g. Bon appetit! Put likes! Subscribe to my channel!See also: the Most delicious pickled mushrooms: the Most juicy meat meatballs: Easy diet salad with feta: Incredibly delicious pork ribs in a sweet and spicy sauce: Best recipe for the mushroom pie: Perfect risotto in 30 minutes: the Most succulent barbecue pork, and other interesting recipes: Source: Светлана SV. Вкусные Вкусности @ Youtube.

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