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SALAD WITH CORN AND TOMATOES.Salad recipes.Salad with corn and tomatoes – simple to prepare, juicy, bright and delicious salad,so it will decorate and weekdays, and holidays. If you need to quickly “figure out” a delicious, interesting salad for the meal or dinner, be sure to use this recipe.——————————————eggs – 2 pieces;onions – 0,5 beam;canned corn – 0,5 banks;fresh tomatoes (firm) – 1-2 PCs, sour cream 20% – 100 g;lemon juice – 0.5 teaspoon;sugar – a pinch;salt, freshly ground black pepper – to taste.——————————————1)Boiled eggs and tomatoes finely chopped.2)Add chopped green onions and canned corn.3)For cooking the filling in the cream add the lemon juice, season with salt and pepper, add a pinch of sugar and stir.4)the Resulting dressing add to salad and mix well.5)Put the salad in a salad bowl and serve.************************************************************** Link to video: *the First and Second dishes: *Appetizers and procurement: *Salad *Sandwiches and savory pastries: – a cryptocurrency for likes on your channel YOUTUBE: @stankas79/tib6/… *************************************On our channel You will find many recipes and tips on cooking!Subscribe to the channel: Classmates: Group in VK: #salad #corn #tomatoes #delicious #festive #holiday #recipe #easy #baked #cook #homemade #cooking #walkthrough #classic #tomato Source: Домашняя Кулинария @ Youtube.

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