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Salad with pineapple and chicken breast – a classic recipe of salad with smoked chicken and pineapple

Welcome everyone to our channel, “Time to eat!”. Today we prepare salad “chicken with pineapple”.Salad with smoked chicken and pineapple cooked on the classic recipe.The ingredients of the salad with pineapple and chicken breast:1. Kurin. breast (smoked.) – 200 gr.2. Cans. pineapple – 1 can (500 gr.)3. Zel. Apple – 1 PC. 4. Lemon – 1 piece 5. Onion – 1 PC. 6. Potatoes of oturn. – 4 pieces 7. Eggs oturn. – 5 PCs 8. Walnuts – 150 gr.9. Mayonnaise – 150 gr.10. Zel. onion – 20 gr.11. Salt, pepper – to taste”Time to eat!” channel about cooking delicious food … and not only! Welcome to our channel! Here we are publishing your video recipes! To cook them to be delicious, easy, fast and affordable! We cook at home in the kitchen! SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Put LIKES, SHARE recipes with your friends! We’ll cook together!Also see – 1. How to cook salad with chicken – a classic recipe + ingredients for the salad – Marinated cucumbers and tomatoes in Korean: the delicious recipe quick cooking – Salad with funchoza and vegetables – recipe how to cook funchoza (glass noodles), Korean – Greek salad: the classic step-by-step recipe for Greek salad with fitaki – Salad Tiffany – See also preparation of salad “Olivier” – How to cook lamb in the oven with the potatoes – the recipe is delicious and baked mutton sleeve – See also preparation of “Fermented cabbage” – How to cook a delicious meat pie with minced meat Salad “Merchant” – a classic recipe for a meat salad or how to cook simple and tasty SALAD#salasanasi#caledoniennes#selfsurveillance#saltsjoebaden#caledoniennes#sladkavqranahi#salasanasuojaus#sultanas#salvadorians#sladkovodnaya#setscaleswhenresized#ceritasekmelayu#курицасананасамисалатрецептклассический Source: Время Есть! @ Youtube.

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