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Salted cucumbers daily – mind-blowing appetizer!

subscribe to my channel: I am pleased to welcome You to the channel “Home cookin Lana Yves”!Thank you for watching this video, likes and comments!I would be glad if my recipes and tips will be useful to You!For fans of the pickle present a delicious recipe this snacks with the addition of grain mustard. The proportion of salt and spices long been tested by me in practice – pickles are just unforgettable!Cucumbers will be ready the next day, hence the name daily))) INVITE EVERYONE TO VIEW!Recipe pickled cucumbers daily:In a 3-liter jar-• cucumbers – 1.8-2 kg;• brine – 1,5-1,6 l;• salt – 3 tablespoons;• black pepper – 6-8 pieces;• whole allspice – 3-4 pieces;• mustard seeds – incomplete tablespoon;• herbs: dill, parsley 5-6 sprigs;• sheet of hell;• a sprig of sweet Basil;• 5-6 cloves of garlic. Recommend to friends, be sure to cook! Enjoy!!!——————————————————————-Conservation and harvesting and in the winter the Recipe for stuffed tomatoes RECIPES FROM ZUCCHINI ://…——————————————————————Салаты snacks and snack cake Recipes sweet dishes Recipes baking More recipes first courses Recipes quick dinner recipe for homemade mayonnaise Lean and low calorie meals Recipes pancakes, pies and ALADA original recipes of Sauces and marinades Recipes for meat What to cook minced meat Recipes fish dishes My recipe for sauerkraut here is the RECIPE BUDGET DINNER FOR $ 100 per FAMILY I’m ALWAYS GLAD to NEW FRIENDS – WRITE – I will ANSWER ALL!————————————————————————–Subscribe to the CHANNEL “Home cookin Lana Yves” My site for fans to read step-by-step recipes My e-book with photos recipes on cookpad Club lovers to cook OK My Facebook For questions contact me [email protected]————————————————————————————–Для channel support WMR 129961698757Мечтаю on a new kitchen stove and a cheap video camera)))I would be grateful!!! ——————————————————————————-#malacology #cucumbers #rezeptmdeiikamente #of tomsnetworking Source: Домашняя Кулинария Lana iva @ Youtube.

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