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Idea for Breakfast! Decided to cook for Breakfast sandwiches. The recipe is simple. Try it, it’s delicious and satisfying and very simple! Even a child will cope! My Instagram @lisa.kharchenko Subscribe to my channel you will Need:4 slices of bread for sandwiches Creamy масло2 autovaccine Solid Servizi pomidorchiki cucumber 1. Fry the bread on both sides in butter, or use a toaster. 2. Brush hot bread with butter. 3. Fry the eggs on both sides. Salt. 4. Put on bread, ham, cheese, slices of tomatoes and cucumbers. 5. Put the fried egg 6. Top off with another slice of bread. 7. Carefully with a sharp knife cut the sandwich diagonally. 8. Repeat the same steps with the second sandwich.9. You get 4 delicious, mouth-watering triangle. Even someone from home to buy! Or to eat all alone Bon appetite! If you liked this video, and you want more, write a review. I’ll take some more recipe Source: LISA KHARCHENKO @ Youtube.

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