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Sandwich grilled with avocado and spinach (recipes Aladushkin)

Ingredients:bread “Rye” – 4 anticipato – 4 tbsp Gouda cheese – 4 laticauda – 1 PCs spinach (frozen or fresh)- 50 gkazi cheese – 50 olivkovoe oil for objectpool preparation:1. Take prepared pesto or make your own (pine nuts 100 g Basil 20 g Parmesan 30 g, olive oil 70 ml salt grind in a blender).2. Avocado peel, cut into slices.3. Brush bread with pesto.4. Put Gouda cheese (or any other cheese that melts well).5. On one half, place the spinach, on the other slices of avocado and crumbled goat cheese. Connect the halves.6. Fry the sandwiches in the grill pan to melt cheese.Bon appetit! Source: Аладушкин | Дарница @ Youtube.

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