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Sandwich with chicken | / Recipes of Diso Nutrimon

Chicken sandwich in Cream sauce.⠀ Cooking this delicious chicken sandwich is just a 20-minute drive, and Nutrimon makes a creamy sauce healthy, rich in protein!⠀✅ 44 g of protein and ≈550 calories in 1 serving prep Time: 20 min.⠀✔ app 12.5 g Nutrimon✔ this 1 egg✔ app 2 slices of bread✔ this 1/2 Cup of chicken thighs✔ good but 1/2 Cup of cheese✔ app 1/2 tbsp olive oil✔ app 2 tbsp Greek yogurt✔ app 1 tbsp. water✔ good but 1/4 Cup of the cucumber✔ app 1/4 Cup tomatoes✔ app 1/8 Cup onion✔ app salt and pepper to taste⠀1️⃣ Split dry pan and fry two slices of bread until Golden brown, 3-5 minutes.2️⃣ Add cheese on top of bread and cover. Let cheese melt for 3 minutes.3️⃣ Remove the bread from the pan, and add olive oil.4️⃣ Place chicken, seasoning with salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly until fully cooked, within 10 minutes. Set aside.5️⃣ In a frying pan, add egg, and cook Your preferred way. Set aside.6️⃣ In a medium bowl mix Greek yogurt, water, salt, pepper and Nutrimon. Set aside.7️⃣ on Top of one slice of bread add the chicken, cucumber, tomato, onion, creamy sauce and egg. On top put the second slice of bread.⠀Bon Appetit!Nutrimon is an easily-digestible protein blend that has no taste, source of protein and essential amino acids for daily consumption.The uniqueness of the product lies in the simplicity of use and opportunities to improve the protein composition of almost all food.Read more about the product – – – Odnoklassniki – Vkontakte – Source: Дисо Нутримун @ Youtube.

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