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Scrambled TOFU is a delicious and healthy Breakfast!

Offer to cook scrambled tofu with pomidormedia*1/2 head red лука250 g solid тофу1 large pomodorini and salt kusumastanto oil for frying******************************************SUBSCRIBE TO the CHANNEL TO NOT MISS NEW RECIPES!!! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!! More of my recipes in the playlists! Playlists are updated regularly.Most of my recipes in my playlists!*SOUP RECIPES* *BAKING RECIPES* *BREAD LOAF* *CAKES RECIPES HOMEMADE* *cheese PANCAKES PANCAKES PANCAKES* *COOKIES RECIPES* *OMELETS EGG DISHES* Composition “Bright Wish” belongs to by Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution ( ).Original version: Artist: #omelet #ametistovoe #tofu #vegan #Breakfast Source: Olga Grishakova @ Youtube.

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