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Scrambled tofu (vegan)

We have been working on this recipe for a very long time! Everyone has their own ideas about what an ideal omelette is, and this one fully met our expectations.Vegan bloggers usually prepare omelette using completely different technologies, theirs is more like a pancake with a filling inside, and our vision of an omelette is radically different.In general, as a result of many attempts, we were very pleased with this option, and we hope that you will like it too!✿————————————————————-✿SUPPORT THE PROJECT + EXTRA CONTENT: ✿————————————————————-✿We need:Squash – gTomato 55 – 55 gSweet pepper – 40 gGreen onions – 1-2 sprigsGarlic – 2 clovesTofu – 100 gVegetable milk – 100 gCoconut oil – 15 gStarch – 10 gWheat flour – 50 gBaking powder – 1 tsp.PaprikaTurmericCorianderSalt and/or black salt (for the “egg” taste, optional)If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up, we really appreciate your support. Also we love receiving comments and try to respond promptly, so if you have got anything to say please don’t hesitate)And of course subscribe to our channel not to miss any of our cool recipes. Here we make tasty and diverse vegan meals from affordable products. Yes, exactly affordable, that is to say not expensive or exclusive, and this is important! You want to eat ethically, interesting but without overpaying? Subscribe and watch, because that is exactly what we are showing.✿————————————————————-✿SUBSCRIBE: ✿————————————————————-✿And if you wish and have a possibility to support us financially, we now have a page at You yourself choose our monthly reward (it can be 1 or 2 dollars a month) and you can discard further support anytime.We at ✿————————————————————-✿Join us in social networks:VK: : : : in touch: [email protected]✿————————————————————-✿Music:Sinking Feeling by Jesse Spillane is licensed under a Attribution License Source: ИНДИ СИНДИ * Веганские рецепты @ Youtube.

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