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Shrimp with pasta. Recipe. So, how to prepare the Greeks. Greece.

Recipe:0.5 kg spaghetti;0,5 – 1kg of whole shrimp, unpeeled;0.5 kg of fresh tomatoes, twisted or tomato juice;Onion;3 teeth of garlic;Salt, black pepper, sugar, herbs – to taste.Twisted onion and garlic in the blender, passeruem in vegetable oil, add the tomatoes and salt, sugar, ground black pepper, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes on low heat. At this time, cook spaghetti from durum wheat until tender.In the finished sauce and simmer until cooked shrimp, about 5 minutes. Take them out of the sauce. In the remaining sauce simmer for 5 minutes, the pasta. Serve on a big dish, spreading the pasta and the prawns on top. Bon appetit!❤Liked the video? Then put like and share with friends! Subscribe to my channel”With Irina in Greece!” My Instagram: Fully arrange Your holidays in the region of Hair-Pillion, Greece, new for you! A selection of top accommodation, assistance in organizing your holiday, planning excursions with me. For every taste and budget!My Viber +306984216560#tourism #travel #shrimp #receptivitate Source: Ирина Политаева @ Youtube.

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