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Simple Cake Recipe With Meat, Mushrooms and Cheese! Incredibly Delicious!

Simple Recipe for Pie With Meat, Mushrooms and Cheese! Easy chicken pot Pie, mushrooms and cheese. Thin crust, Lots of Mushrooms, Lots of Meat and Lots of Cheese! I think it will Appeal to absolutely Everyone! Unbelievable Yummy!⠀Baking dish D=25 cm⠀✅ Ingredients:Flour – 250 Gretna – 150 gr.,Egg – 1 PC. Salt – to taste.⠀✅ Filling:chicken breast+ thigh Fillet – 450 rampinini – 400 gr.Onion – 1,dry Basil (optional) – 1/3 tsp Salt – cusparia – on unusualty Garlic – kosupure on a black ground – on Cusumano vegetable or Olive 2 tbsp Butter – 30 grcar solid – 250 gr.✅ Filling:sour Cream – 150 gr.Egg – 1 stall, pepper – kusula Dough, mix the sour cream with the Egg, add Salt and flour. Knead the dough, wrap in plastic wrap, put into the refrigerator while preparing the filling.⠀Boil in salted water, the meat, cool and cut into small fibers. Mushrooms cut into plates. In skillet, heat oil and butter, fry the mushrooms, add the chopped onion, fry until the onion has softened. Season with salt and pepper, add Basil, paprika and dried Garlic!Baking dish to grease/spray it with oil! After lie down for the Dough in the fridge and had a rest, it gives a very soft, pliable and elastic. I didn’t even need a rolling pin! I stretched the Dough with your Hands as the Video shows! We shift the Dough in a Baking dish and form a rim around the edges!On the dough put the mushrooms with onions on top of chicken and pour a mixture of sour cream and eggs.Put the form with the pie in a heated oven to 180 gr (mode bottom+convection) for 30-35 minutes.Then to get, sprinkle with grated cheese and another 5 minutes in the oven!For dinner, this cake is just great! Prepared quickly, with no problems! Serve it hot, it can be pickles, with fresh vegetables, any salad.Bon Appetit!★ on my channel Still a lot of Original & Delicious Recipes! Do not forget to put the finger up, be sure to subscribe to my channel, you will have many delicious recipes!!!SUBSCRIBE! ► New Video comes out 3-4 times a week ! ★ To Receive NOTIFICATIONS about the NEW Videos Include the BELL !!! which is Next to the “Subscribe”Button#pie #with perovskite #recipe #peroksisomy #baking #to campigotto #Kish #Pirosmanashvili #cooking #vkusnuypirogek #recipes #Otkrytye #pyrogenetic #receptbelagda #dough #kitchen #fungi #receptionerul #pies #scarica #delicious #campigotto #chicken #food #koenisberg #pastarecipe #marinieres #issuitable #Kish Source: Вкусные Рецепты у Мари @ Youtube.

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