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SIMPLE SUMMER SALAD. RECIPE SUMMER SALAD OF CABBAGE, RADISH AND BELL PEPPER.What dish made with summer vegetables when it’s the season and I want to prepare something especially delicious! Today I will show you how to cook simple and incredibly delicious recipe for a summer salad of radish, cabbage, dill and pepper. This salad is so tasty that I cook for my family almost every day). Minute retreat, ABOUT the BENEFITS of RADISH – to let you know how helpful our salad!Radish improves immunity, fights colds.As in radish lot of folic acid, it is useful for women’s health and proper development of the fetus for pregnant women.In the fight against beriberi radishes hits record: a total of 250 grams of fruits provide the body with the daily norm of ascorbic acid.Vegetable lowers blood sugar and increases the level of hemoglobin. Fiber in vegetable adjusts metabolism, removes cholesterol and normalizes the digestive tract and is therefore useful for those who have excess weight, fight diabetes and gout.Also radish has choleretic effect and relieves swelling. Overall, very useful for the gallbladder and liver. Here is a small digression))))…. And now for our salad:For preparation we need:- a Head of young cabbage – Radish – Lemon – bell pepper is a Favorite for refilling oil – Salt Preparation:1. Shred cabbage with a knife, thinly slicing shavings, or use a special knife for the cabbage – it is much easier and finer work). 2. Add a pinch of salt and grind the cabbage with salt so that the cabbage is softer. And more fragrant.3. Cut radishes in thin rings.4. Pepper grind thin strips 5. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, stir.6. Sprinkle liberally with lemon juice and add a little of any cold-pressed oil.I like this salad with olive oil, or sunflower seed oil cold-pressed.Our salad is ready. It was bright, delicious and very summery. You’ll see, it’s so you like, what you want to cook it again in the same day))). Fragrant, beautiful and so easy and useful!Put like if you liked this recipe, post your comments – what ingredients you can add to this summer salad? Thank you for being with me.Waiting for your feedback and comments. Bon appetit. And until we meet again.New videos on the channel every day. My profile in Instagram Group on Facebook Group OK SIMPLE SUMMER SALAD. RECIPE SUMMER SALAD OF CABBAGE, RADISH AND BELL PEPPER.Subscribe to the channel: Link to this video: Source: Ленка Пенка @ Youtube.

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