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Simple VEGAN recipes That I eat in a day # 28 (vegan, budget vegetarian recipes)

Vegan recipes lean budget recepty what I eat for the day and what to cook for Breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetable food)Channels, which contributed to the transition to outsideline food:Roman Milovanov Kristina Michael Karma Vegan Books that have helped me to understand the topic of plant nutrition:-Colin Campbell “the China study”-Mendelsohn “confessions of a heretic of medicine”-Vadim Zeland “Live kitchen”-Paul Bragg “the truth about water and salt”, “the Miracle of fasting”-Arnold eret “Live food”, “Healing system besliste diet”Victoria Boutenko “12 steps to raw food”-Patent Frederick “Secrets of a raw food diet”-Arshavir Aterow “Raw”-Louise hay “master your destiny”WHAT I EAT IN a DAY 16 WHAT I EAT IN a DAY 17 INSTAGRAM MAIL [email protected]Эту the composition can be added to any of your videos. Just don’t forget to include in the description of the video the following text:the Song “Gymnopedie No. 1” owned by Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution ( ).Original version: Artist: Source: Oksana Zhur @ Youtube.

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