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How to make smoothie with melon and orange juice You see in this video. We need orange juice for making smoothies for Breakfast with fresh fruit. In 5 minutes you get an awesome smoothie drink that gives you energy. If you are in a hurry – a quick snack and your stomach will feel comfortable in the morning. And then in the office you calmly drink coffee.SMOOTHIES. HOMEMADE RECIPES WITH VIDEOS. KITCHEN. The RECIPE is for 2 servings Orange juice 100 ml. Apricot 3 PCs papaya 100 g Melon 100 g Honey to taste 1. Clean the melon and papaya 2. Get the bones of the apricot 3. Cut pieces of melon, papaya 4. Fill all fruit in blender, add honey to taste and pour orange juice. 5. Whisk everything until cooked and pour into 2 portions. We made smoothies and can enjoy a delicious drink . This is one of many smoothie recipes. In our opinion it turned out priyany taste. If you put it in the refrigerator, it will cool you down on a hot Sunny day. In it, you can change the fruit, add the other and make your option. Now everyone is trying to spend on cooking as less time as possible. Therefore, we believe that video on our channel you will be useful. We are very grateful for your suggestions for our channel in the comments. PREPARE WITH US!!!SMOOTHIES MELON. Drink with orange juice. HOMEMADE RECIPES VIDEO NO. 214. Miroslav Kozik.#kozimirov#domaniewice#saidina Source: Домашние Рецепты с Видео @ Youtube.

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