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Spanish paella with seafood. Recipe paella

[Exclusive!] Spanish paella with seafood. The chef of the restaurant in Spain will show his signature recipe for paella! Want more? Spanish palapala traces its history back to the 15th century, and she comes from the region of Valencia. In this region the Spaniards have for centuries grown rice that he was their staple food in the Middle ages. Paella – storiesthe three common versions of the origin of paella:1. The dish was invented by servants of Moorish kings, who collected leftover food from the table after the meal the owners. According to this version, the word paella comes from the Arabic word meaning leftovers.2. The second version tells the story of the fisherman who was waiting for his beloved and had nothing to do experimenting in the kitchen. In the course went all that could find in the pantry. According to this version, the word paella is produced from para ella, for her.3. The third version says that the recipe for paella – the fruit of collective creativity. In a town near Valencia came to an important person. To treat it properly, the people brought a lot of products dumped everything into a large pan, mixed it with rice and seeds of saffron. It was very tasty. Paella recipe:✔I Heat the pan✔now Add the butter✔I Fry the squid✔now Add the tomato paste✔I Put garlic✔I Add 1 liter fish stock✔great game Waiting 10-15 minutes✔app Put rice✔this is When the water has been absorbed, add the prawns and fry for 5 minutes serve paella:Traditional Spanish paella with seafood is served in the same dish in which it was prepared. For paella with meat often served dry Spanish red wine, paella with seafood – dry white, and mixed (paella of mixed doubles) – pink.Restaurant Vela CentroPaseo Juan Aparicio, 16, Torrevieja, Alicante Ask your questions about life or property in Spain in the comments and we will answer them within 24 hours. Offer ideas for videos that will interest you. Subscribe to the channel and always be up to date with the latest news about life and real estate in Spain.Let’s be friends on social networks. Every day we share useful and interesting information about Spain!Facebook Website: #alegria_недвижимость #новостройки_alegria Source: Alegria. Недвижимость. Торревьеха. Аликанте @ Youtube.

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