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Steak of pork. Under sour – sweet sauce. With the aroma stimulating appetite.

Simple recipe fragrant steak of pork with sweet & sour sauce. Thanks to the spice has a slightly smoked flavour stimulating the appetite. spices – salt 2 tbsp dried garlic 1 tbsp smoked paprika – 1tbsp.l. black pepper – 1 tbsp stir and thoroughly coat each piece. Put into the oven when the-PE 250* for 45 -50 minutes until tender. the main thing is not to overdo the meat, and then it will dry. then, prepare the sweet sour sauce.sauce tomato ketchup 3 tbsp soy sauce – 3 tbsp chilli sauce spicy or hot red pepper – 1tbsp.l. honey – 2 tbsp mix and roll obiligation meat. Source: МаШКиНы ВКуСНяШКи @ Youtube.

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