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Stew | Quick and delicious recipe

Beef stew with vegetables and herbs – a wonderful and simple recipe for lunch or dinner. How to cook beef in a flavorful Italian sauce. Ingredients: Beef 600 gr.; Tomatoes 400 g; Garlic 2 cloves; Oregano; Olive oil; Black pepper; Salt; Bread.Subscribe to new videos about the delicious food: Vadimova… See recipe:”JUICY BEEF | Recipe for Skillet” “Beef Stew | Recipe with Onions in Red wine” “POT ROAST” “beef Stroganoff Classic recipe” “Beef with Spicy Sauce | Mexican recipe” #of Kievari #recipes #meat #govedarica the video recipe: “Braised meats | Quick and delicious recipe” Source: Вадим Кофеварофф @ Youtube.

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