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Strawberry cake without oven/Easy and delicious step by step recipe/Cake without baking/

make Sure to prepare simple and delicious chocolate cake with strawberries !! This cake will win You over at first bite!! Subscribe to the channel Ingredients 60 gr. sand печенья25 gr. melted SL. масла300 gr. creamy сыра50 gr. sugar пудры55 gr. melted milk шоколада5 gr. желатина200 gr. fatty сливок15 gr. dark шоколада5 gr. сахара20 grams of milk 150 gr. fatty сливок1 tbsp tbsp сахара1 cataclysmically crumble and mix with butter.Put in the form of 12 cm and compacted. Send in the freezer for 15 min. In a bowl, mix cream cheese , powdered sugar, melted chocolate, and gelatin. Add the beaten egg 50% cream to the mixture and mix gently.Pour 1/3 of mousse to shape the cookies and lay out the strawberries. Close the top 1/3 part strawberry mousse .To remove the form in the refrigerator for 1 hour.Add the remaining 13 of the mousse milk, sugar and cocoa and mix well. To remove frozen cake form and put the form 16 see Pour mousse into the mold and put it in the refrigerator until firm( 3-4 hours). Decorate the top with whipped cream ( 150 gr. cream, 1 tbs. sugar, and 1 tbs. of cocoa), and strawberry.Twitter: VK: Instagram : Source: Десерт меню @ Youtube.

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