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Strudel pita with raspberries, cheese and chocolate!/Amazing toppings!

Hello! The recipe is very tasty loaf, a La strudel, pita with very combined with each other filling, with raspberry, chocolate and cheese! What a good recipe, it’s the fact that you can change the filling according to your taste any berries, fruits, and so on. But try it in this combination and I’m sure You will love it. Bon appetit!#ruleslawyer #strokelinecap#lavastorm the#On my channel there are MANY more delicious RECIPES!►Don’t forget to subscribe: My page on Instagram: (there are recipes that are not on the channel!!)Ingredients:Lavash – 1 littoral – 350 Gmelina – 300 Sahar – 2-3 tbsp Eggs – 2 schokolad – 50 g Source: Natali Gonchar @ Youtube.

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