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Stuffed MUSHROOMS in the Oven | Elegant hot appetizer! Stuffed mushrooms with chicken

#farshirovannyyi#farshirovannyyi#greyscalegorilla hi!Today have prepared for you a quick and easy recipe for a delicious snack to the table. I often cooked this way and all my guests are delighted. Let us work with you prepare stuffed mushrooms rather stuffed mushrooms with chicken and cheese.INGREDIENTS:5 large mushrooms (size is important, as we will be stuffed with stuffing)1 chicken филе120 gr solid cerasoli, pepper, dry garlic, any other spices according to your taste and at your discretion.Thank you for your your fingers up, thanks for your comments! Thanks for your views!It stimulates me to new challenges and to release new, simple, quick and delicious recipes. Sincerely and always Your Food Good)))____________________________________________________________________HOW CAN people FIND ME? IT IS VERY EASY!❤ON!!!INSTAGRAM : My nick in Instagram: foodgoodchef❤this e-mail: [email protected]❤amazing game I Vkontakte: ❤ This is My public in VK: ❤this is My culinary blog: I recommend you to watch my other videos, since you came to visit me)))✅Cake Smetannikov. The recipe is a delicious cake with sour cream ✅ Thai Tom Yam soup in 15 minutes ✅ Tender pork ribs in the oven ✅ Caesar. Caesar salad with chicken ✅ the Perfect berry pie. Pie with berries ✅ mouth-watering NAPOLEON cake ✅HONEY Cake for 30 minute SEO video can not be read, as in this section, I usually bullies. the stuffed mushrooms in the oven, the stuffed mushrooms in the oven how to cook stuffed mushrooms, how to cook stuffed Portobello mushrooms Source: Food Good @ Youtube.

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